Kevin Bryan teaching students

Kevin Bryan Academy Certification

Created by hairdressers for hairdressers

Our Mission

We’re shaping greatness, one head, one person at a time.

 We desire to help others live to their full potential. We specialize in directing people to discover and embrace their unique ability and achieve massive success in the hair industry.   

The heart of our company is to create social connections among hairdressers, while empowering them through education and life coaching.

Your Journey

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Sign up for the course. Submit your license and register with Kevin Bryan for mentor/coaching (included with course).

What's Included

Our course includes a premium kit with all the necessary tools and products needed to achieve success with hair replacement.

The Kit ($999 Value)

Premium duffel  


1.3 oz KB bond adhesive 

Travel size KB clean solvent

Travel size KB lock anti-perspirant


Cutting cape 

8 oz Silk 

4 oz Seal 

1 premium hair system in box for retail 

1 demo hair system for practice or fragment to practice. 

Pinking sheers 

Doll head

Razor craft knife

KB professional vent brush 

Client take home kit (travel size: 2-4oz silk/seal/shampoo)



Or finance the course with easy monthly payments.

*There are no refunds on this course*

Be You Again

client before image with hair loss
client after photo of man with grey hair in nature

What Our Clients Say

"Kevin Bryan's professionalism and unparalleled skillset are nothing short of exceptional, warranting recognition on a grander scale. His talent transcends mere hair replacement, embodying an artistry that deserves to be showcased among celebrities and luminaries. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin to anyone seeking a fresh start and a renewed sense of self through the art of hair replacement. Beyond his remarkable talents, Kevin's personable nature and genuine care for his clients have forged a bond that transcends a mere professional relationship – he is not just a hairstylist but a trusted confidant and a cherished friend.

In conclusion, Kevin Bryan's impact on my life has been nothing short of transformative, instilling a newfound sense of peace, confidence, and love within me. His remarkable skills as a hair replacement professional have not only rejuvenated my appearance but also revitalized my spirit, reminding me of the profound impact that a skilled and compassionate individual can have on one's life. Peace and love, indeed, Kevin Bryan – you are a true gem in a world that sorely needs your touch."